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Will ¨Mein Kampf¨ be legally re-printed?

¨Mein Kampf¨on bookshelves soon?

2016 will mark 70 years after the disband of the German Nazi dictator. For that occasion, the government of the German State of Bavaria is considering to enable the reprint of his infamous libel. The legal status of Hitler´s ¨literary¨ offspring is still unclear, notwithstanding the laws on the criminal prosecution of Nazi material.

In this context, Prof. Dina Porat, Head of our center, and Adv. Talia Naamat, legal researcher at the Kantor Center, wrote an article analysing such worrying perspective. It was printed in Israel´s daily newspaper Haaretz, on March 2014. Here you can find the full text as published, in Hebrew and in English.