Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry



RONI STAUBER, PhD (Tel Aviv University). Senior Research Fellow at the Kantor Center and Director on Antisemitism and Racism. 

Lecturer in the Department of Jewish History and member of Yad Vashem scientific committee.

Research interests: modern and contemporary antisemitism; the Holocaust and its aftermath; the impact of the Holocaust on Israeli society, Israeli-German relations

email: stauber@post.tau.ac.il


HAIM FIREBERG, PhD (Tel Aviv University). Director of Research at the Kantor Center.

Research Interests: the virtual Jewish world; Jewish communities in cyberspace; new Judeo-European identity among young Jewish immigrants in Europe; urban culture and 20th century urban sociological history

email: fireberg@post.tau.ac.il


IRENA CANTOROVICH, Researcher on Antisemitism and Racism; Editor of the Kantor Center & Database Bulletin; PhD candidate at the Chaim Rosenberg School of Jewish Studies, TAU.

Research interests: antisemitism in the CIS and Baltic States

email: cantorov@post.tau.ac.il


ADRIAN GRUSZNIEWSKI, MA (Buenos Aires University, 1989). Researcher at the Kantor Center. Webmaster.

Research interests: Yiddish, secular Jewish culture, Jewish demography, applied sociology, language planning, Latin American history, comparative politics

email: adriang@post.tau.ac.il


LIDIA LERNER, MA (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1988). Researcher on Antisemitism and Racism.

Research interests: antisemiitism in Latin America and Spain

email: lidialer@post.tau.ac.il




TALIA NAAMAT, Adv. (Bar Ilan University, 2004). MA in Comparative Religion (Tel Aviv University, 2015)

Legal Researcher at the Kantor Center.

Research interests: international human rights law, comparative constitutional law.

email: talianaa@post.tau.ac.il


NINA OSIN, Adv. Doctor of Law and Social Sciences (Republic University, Uruguay, 1956). Master's degree in Library Science and Communications (University of Michigan, 1976). Legal Consultant.

email: ninaosin@netvision.net.il

SARAH REMBISZEWSKI, Researcher and Coordinator of the Kantor Center Database.

Research interests: antisemitism in Western Europe

email: sarahrem@post.tau.ac.il


MIKAEL SHAINKMAN,  PhD (Lund University, 2006). Postdoc Fellow on Antisemitism and Racism.

Research interests: antisemitism in Scandanavia, Jewish-Muslim relations in contemporary Europe, historical culture

email: mikael@post.tau.ac.il


RAPHAEL VAGO, PhD (Tel Aviv University, 1981). Senior Lecturer in Modern East European History at the Department of History and Senior Researcher at the Kantor Center and the Cummings Center for Russian and East European Studies.

Research interests: nationalism and ethnicity in Eastern Europe, extremist movements, the Holocaust, especially in Hungary and Romania, modern antisemitism, post-communist politics and society.

email: vago@post.tau.ac.il

The Kantor Center works in cooperation with Dr. ESTHER WEBMAN, Ze'ev Vered Desk for the Study of Tolerance and Intolerance in the Middle East.

email: webman@post.tau.ac.il