Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry

Papers on Antisemitism and Racism

Articles published since 2014:

A Crumbling Taboo? Antisemitism in Austria before and after the National Elections 2017, by Carina Klammer

Antisemitism in the Radical Left and the British Labour Party, by Dave Rich

Between the Far Right and the Far Left: Current Issues of Racism and Nationalism in Greece, by Michal Navoth

The Nisman Case: Its impact on the Jewish community and on national politics in Argentina, by Adrian Gruszniewski and Lidia Lerner

Debates on Islamized Antisemitism in Austria in the Wake of the Israel-Gaza Conflict 2014, by Julia Edthofer

Holocaust Memory and Holocaust Denial in Poland and Moldova: A Comparison, by Natalia Sineaeva-Pankowska

The Worrisome Defiance of the Golden Dawn, by Michal Navoth

Antisemitism and the Struggle for the 'Good' Society: Ambivalent Responses to Antisemitic Attitudes and Ideas in the 2014 Swedish Electoral Race, by Kristin Wagrell

After the Charlie Hebdo Attack: The Line between Freedom of Expression and Hate Speech, by Andre Oboler

Iranian Negationism and Antisemitic Propaganda Online: Ahmadinejad and His Legacy, by Liora Hendelman-Baavur


Articles published in previous years:

Discrimination against Muslims and Antisemitic Views among Young Muslims in Europe, by Gunther Jikeli

The Rise of the Radical Right in Europe and the Jews, by Michael Whine

Antisemitism in Venezuela's Presidential Election, by Lidia Lerner

Honoring the Collaborators - the Ukrainian Case, by Irena Cantorovich

Mohamed Omar, the Swedish Anti-Zionist Movement and Media Reactions, by Mathan Ravid

The International Working Definition of Antisemitism and Its Detractors, by Dina Porat (published in Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs 5, no. 3 [2011])

Unedited proceedings of the 10th biennial seminar on antisemitism, August 30-September 2, 2010

The Academic and Public Debate over the "New Antisemitism," by Roni Stauber