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Newsletter on Antisemitism and Racism - May-June 2012


May-June 2012





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  European Rabbis Condemn Far Right Austrian Politician
  Leading European Figures Deplore Election of Greek Neo-Nazi Party
  Jewish Youth Attacked in Marseille
  Holocaust Distorted by Greek Neo-Nazi Party Leader
  Violent Anti-Immigrant Demonstration in Tel Aviv
  French Far Right Leader Plans to Sue Jewish Philosopher
  Neturei Karta Members Arrested on Holocaust Memorial Graffiti Charges
  Hungarian President Condemns Attack on Former Chief Rabbi
  French Far Right Comedian Publicizes New Antisemitic Film
  Iranian Vice President Makes Antisemitic Remarks
  Zionists Responsible for Turmoil in the Arab World
  Garaudy Mourned in Arab and Muslim Media


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Book Reviews


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Conferences & Workshops

Auschwitz Jewish Center Fellows Program, Auschwitz Jewish Center, New York, 1-24 July 2012.

Theological Contemplations and Debates vis-a-vis the Holocaust in Real Time, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, 9–12 July 2012.

Exploring the Plight and Path of Jewish Refugees, Survivors, and Displaced Persons, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, 23 July-3 August 2012.

Poland and Ukraine during and after World War II in the Records of the International Tracing Service Collection, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, 6-10 August, 2012. 

Holocaust Lessons and Contemporary Russia - The Regional History of the Holocaust in the Northern Caucasus and the Fates of Jewish Intelligentsia during the Second World War, Rostov-on-Don, 12-14 August 2012.

Forced Labor, Exploitation, War Production, 18t Workshop on History and Memory of NS Concentration Camps, "Denkort Bunker Valentin," Bremen, 23 July-3 August 2012.

The Trial of Adolf Eichmann - Retrospect and Prospect, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto, 9-11 September 2012.

Entangled Legacies: Enlightenment, Colonialism and the Holocaust, Goethe University Frankfurt, 28-29 September 2012.

Center and Periphery: The Perception of NS Concentration Camps, Mauthausen Memorial, 30 September-4 October, 2012.

Before the Holocaust Had Its Name: Early Confrontations of the Nazi Mass Murder of the Jews, Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust-Studies, Vienna, 29 November-1 December 2012.

World War II, Nazi Crimes, and the Holocaust in the USSR, Moscow, 7-9 December 2012.

Kantor Center News and Events

  • On May 10. 2012, the Kantor Center and Diaspora House hosted a lecture by Carole Fink, Professor of History, Emerita, Ohio State University, on "Jews in Contemporary Europe: Antisemitism and Jewish Identity."
  • On May 31, the Kantor Center and Diaspora House hosted a lecture by Dr. Tal Dekel, Tel Aviv Univesity, on "'Here and There': Preserving European Identity through Art among Immigrants from the Former Soviet States."
  • An event honoring Mr. Michael Whine, on the occasion of his receiving an MBE, was held by the Kantor Center on June 11, 2012
  • Prof. Ilya Altman, from Russia's State University for the Humanities, delivered a lecture on June 14, 2012, on "Russian Jewry Today - in the Shadow of the Holocaust's Memory." The event was hosted by the Kantor Center and Diaspora House. 
  • The Kantor Center, the Zeev Vered Desk for the Study of Tolerance and Intolerance in the Middle East, and Club Turkey hosted a lecture on June 21, 2012, by Åžakir Dinçşahin, from Yeditepe University, Istanbul, on "Antisemitism in Turkey under the Justice and Development Party (AKP), 2002-2012."