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Newsletter on Antisemitism and Racism - February-March-2013

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February-March 2013






From Our Database

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Rafal Pankowski, The Populist Radical Right in Poland - The Patriots (New York, 2011).



Raphael Israeli, The Death Camps of Croatia - Visions and Revisions, 1941-1945 (New Brunswick, 2013).

Werner Renz (ed.), Interessen um Eichmann - Israelische Justiz, deutsche Strafverfolgung und alte Kameradschaften (Frankfurt-New York, 2012).


 Book Reviews


Laurence Weinbaum, on Laying the Foundations for Holocaust Research: The Impact of the Historian Philip Friedman, by Roni Stauber (Jerusalem, 2009).



Geoffrey Giles, on Suicide in Nazi Germany, by Christian Goeschel (Oxford, 2009).

Richard Muller, on Ostkrieg: Hitler’s War of Extermination in the East, by Stephen Fritz (Lexington, 2011).

Adam Cathcart , on A Jewish Orchestra in Nazi Germany: Musical Politics and the Berlin Jewish Culture League, by Lily Hirsch (Ann Arbor, 2010).

Laurel Leff, on Reporting the Holocaust in the British, Swedish and Finnish Press, 1945–50, by Antero Holmila (New York, 2011).
 Roderick Stackelberg, on Antisemitische Geschichtsbilder, edited by Werner Bergmann and Ulrich Sieg (Essen, 2009).
Edward Alexander, on Antisemitism:  A Specific Phenomenon, by Clemens Heni (Berlin, 2013).
Catherine Chatterley, on Nazi Germany, Canadian Responses: Confronting Antisemitism in the Shadow of War, edited by Ruth Klein (Montreal, 2012).



Kantor Papers on Antisemitism and Racism

 Günther Jikeli, Discrimination against Muslims and Antisemitic Views among Young Muslims in Europe, February 2013.



Irena Cantorovich, 'Defending the Interests of the Ukrainians': The Empowerment of the Svoboda Party, Israel Journal of foreign Affairs, Vol. VII, No. 1 (January 2013).

Shaul Magid, The Holocaust and Jewish Identity in America: Memory, the Unique, and the UniversalJewish Social Studies, Vol. 18, No. 2 (Winter 2012).



Democracy and Human Rights at Stake in Hungary - The Viktor Orbán Government’s drive for Centralization of Power, Norwegian Helsinki Committee, 2013.

Holocaust Memorial Days in the OSCE Region - An Overview of Governmental Practices, OSCE-ODIHR, December 2012.



Racist, Anti-Semitic, Violent - the True Face of Golden DawnSearchlight, March 5, 2013.


Kantor Center News and Events

  • On February 6, Prof. Denis Sharvit from the Open University held a discussion with the Center's staff and fellows from Germany about the delegitimization of Israel.
  • On February 10-12, the Kantor Center held an international conference entitled From Rejection to Acceptance - to be Jewish in 21st Century Germany, at Beit Hatfuzot, Tel Aviv University. The schedule of the conference can be uploaded in English here
  •  On February 20, the Kantor Center watched a new film about contemporary antisemitism in Europe. The film was followed by a presentation by Fellow of the Center Günter Jikeli, on "What is the Threat of Muslim Antisemitism in Western Europe?"

  • On February 27, as part of the Wiener Lecture Series for the 2012-13 academic year, Prof. Moshe Zimmerman lectured on The German Foreign Ministry and the Shoah – Active Collaborator, Passive Collaborator, Neutral Collaborator? The full program for the series, coordinated by Dr. Roni Stauber, can be uploaded here. Unless other specified, the lectures are in Hebrew.

  • On April 24, 2013, as part of the Wiener Lecture Series for the 2012-13 academic year, Dr. Doron Avraham from Bar-Ilan University lectured on “The ‘Racial Identity’ of German Jews during the Nazi Era.” The full program for the series, coordinated by Dr. Roni Stauber, can be uploaded here. Unless otherwise specified, the lectures are in Hebrew.

  • On March 4, Prof Dina Porat, head of the Center, participated in an event at the municipality of Vienna, Austria, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Anschluss and the 60th anniversary of Yad Vashem. The event was attended by the presidents of Austria and the Austrian Parliament.


  • On March 6, Kim Stoller, a Fellow of the Center, delivered a lecture on antisemitism in Morocco to our staff.
  • On March 20, Dov Bing, professor of Political Science from the University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand, visited the Center and described the problematic reactions of members of the academic community in New Zealand to studies denying the Holocaust.
  • On March 21, as part of the annual interdisciplinary seminar series on "Dilemmas of Identity: European Jews in the 21st Century - Extinct Identities, Formative Identities," coordinated by Dr. Haim Fireberg, Prof. Mina Rosen lectured on "The Jews in the Balkans and Turkey After the Collapse of the Empires and Blocks in the 20th Century."