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Newsletter on Antisemitism and Racism - April-2013

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April 2013






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  Facebook Removes Page after Complaint about Antisemitism
  Rabbi and Son Attacked outside Synagogue in Paris
  Jewish Association Official Attacked in Budapest
  Irish Teachers Union Votes to Boycott Academic Cooperation with Israel
  Stormfront Website Operators Convicted in Italy
  Poll Reveals Antisemitic Views among Polish High-School Students
  Polish-Jewish Relations "Expert" Blames Jews for Holocaust
  Pravda Publishes Palestinian's Blood Libel Accusations against Israel
  Sweden Democrats Councilor Forced to Resign after Minimizing the Holocaust
  Muslim Politician Ousted from Swedish Labor Party
  Al-Qa'ida Plot Targeting Turkish Synagogue Uncovered
  Articles Associate Defeated Venezuelan Opposition Candidate with Zionists
  Iranian Media Accuse the Jews of Sorcery
  Boston Terrorist Attack Perverted to Promote Jewish Conspiracy Theories






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Bringing the Dark Past to Light - The Reception of the Holocaust in Postcommunist Europe, edited by John-Paul Himka and Joanna Beata Michlic (Lincoln, NE, 2013).


 Book Reviews


Holger Löwendorf, on Hermann Göring and the Nazi Art Collection: The Looting of Europe's Art Treasures and Their Dispersal after World War II, by Kenneth D. Alford (Jefferson, NC, 2012).



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Adam Kirsch on Anti-Judaism: The Western Tradition, by David Nirenberg (New York, 2013).

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Conferences & Workshops

Teaching about the Holocaust: Antisemitism, the Holocaust, "the Final Solution," and Denial, US Holocaust Memorial Museum, June 3-14, 2013.

The Overlooked Revolution: The Shift in Catholic Teaching on the Jews since Vatican II, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, June 10–14, 2013

Children and War: Past and Present, University of Salzburg, 10-12 July 2013.

The Future of Holocaust Studies, Southampton & Winchester, 29-31 July 2013.

The “Blood Libel” in History, Politics, Theology and Literature on the Centenary of the Trial of Mendel Beilis, Dartmouth College, summer 2013.

Global Perspectives on the Holocaust - 11th International Holocaust Studies Conference, Middle Tennessee State University, 15-18 October 2013.

Racism, Antisemitism and Socialist Strategy, 1880 – 1917, London, 7-10 November 2013.

Kristallnacht: History, Memorialization, Lessons, Kaliningrad, 14-17 November 2013.

Collaboration in Eastern Europe during World War II and the Holocaust, Vienna, 5-7 December 2013.


Kantor Center News and Events

  • On April 7, 2013, the Kantor Center, in cooperation with the European Jewish Congress, held its annual press conference, during which it presented a draft of its General Analysis of Antisemitism Worldwide in 2012. The text can be downloaded here.
  • On April 8, 2013, the Center, in cooperation with Diaspora House, held an evening marking the 70th anniversary of the arrival of the "Children of Tehran" in the Land of Israel. 
  •  On April 9, 2013, the Center, in cooperation with Diaspora House and Yad Vashem, held a conference on the Yad Vashem project "Collecting the Pieces," which is aimed at gathering personal effects from the Holocaust period.

  • On the weekend of April 19-20, 2013, the Center organized a seminar on “The Roots of Antisemitism and Its Contemporary Manifestations,” at Kibbutz Maale Hachamisha. The academic advisor of the seminar was the Center's head Prof. Dina Porat, and several staff members delivered lectures.

  • On April 24, 2013, as part of the Wiener Lecture Series for the 2012-13 academic year, Dr. Doron Avraham from Bar-Ilan University lectured on “The ‘Racial Identity’ of German Jews during the Nazi Era.” The full program for the series, coordinated by Dr. Roni Stauber, can be uploaded here. Unless other specified, the lectures are in Hebrew.

  • On April 29, 2013, an international conference, “Honoring the Memory of Pope John XXIII – The Shoah, the Jewish People and the State of Israel,” was held in cooperation with the Center in Mishkenot Shaananim, Jerusalem.