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Muslim Politician Ousted from Swedish Labor Party

On April 7, 2013, Stockholm politician and president of the Swedish Islamic Union (SIU) Omar Mustafa was voted onto the national board of the Swedish Labor Party. Mustafa’s election was criticized because he has repeatedly invited known antisemitic, homophobic and misogynist speakers to events at SIU. On April 13, Labor Party chairman Stefan Löfven said Mustafa had to resign either from the Party national board or the SIU. Mustafa chose to leave all his positions in the Labor Party, publishing an opinion piece in the largest Swedish daily Aftonbladet, accusing the party of not allowing its members to be active within "Muslim civil society.” Following Mustafa’s ousting, a demonstration was held supporting him in Stockholm, and the organization of Religious Social Democrats also criticized the SIU decision. Although most voices in the media favored the decision, some journalists and pundits defended Mustafa, claiming he was the victim of Islamophobia.

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