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Jamal al-Shawahin praised Hitler in an Article

On 2 March 2014, Jamal al-Shawahin, a columnist in assabeel, published an article in which he praised Hitler since he was aware of the danger of the Jews. Due to Hitler's hatred of Jews, he "constantly threatened to cut off their filthy tongues even though they were German in race and blood." Al-Shawahin concluded that in comparison to the Nazi regime the Israeli entity is the most criminal regime in the world and what Hitler's party did was a drop in the sea in comparison to the Jews and there is no doubt that "the Fuehrer was a million times more merciful than Sharon and Shamir and even Rabin." In discussing Hitler he admitted that he did not pose a direct threat to Palestine, moreover he coordinated with Hajj Amin al-Husayni the resistance to the British mandate, which facilitated the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine.

Sources: assabeel, 02-Mar-2014; MEMRI, 07-Mar-2014.