Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry

History and Demography

One of the most important tasks of the Kantor Center is to foster the engagement and to act as facilitator for the interchange of knowledge on Jewish communities in Europe.

We believe that shared values are more effective if based on solid objective data, and that verified unbiased data are the best guidelines for field actions.

We foresee the establishment of a public base of data, surveys and researches on European Jewish communities, including mainly but not only our own sponsored research initiatives. Further on, we shall aspire to reflect this ever-evolving field and its interdisciplinary corpus of knowledge, which deals with history, historiography, sociology, demographics, anthropology, psychology, linguistics, cultural studies and political sciences.

Our focus is clear: The contemporary European Jewish experience. Nevertheless, a comparative glance should be provided on neighboring subjects, like for instance studies on previous historic European Jewish contexts; surveys on Jewish communities today in other parts of the world; or research on the general societies and other ethnic groups in present-day Europe, including the ongoing and all-encompassing processes of European unification and the intended creation of a shared European identity.

The area of Demographic and sociological research is directed by Dr. Haim Fireberg.