Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry

General Analysis 2017

To read online or download the full text of the Annual Kantor Center Worldwide Report on Antisemitism, in a .pdf file, please press on the following link, or on the cover picture:

General Analysis 2017

To read online or download other antisemitism reports published by our contributors and colleagues, and by other monitoring groups - please press on each of the following links:


  • Czechia (Zbynek Tarant)
  • France (Service Central du Renseignement Territorial - SCRT)
  • Germany [Berlin] (Verein für Demokratische Kultur - VDK)
  • Greece (Central Board Of Jewish Communities In Greece - KIS)
  • Greece (Michal Navoth)
  • Israel (Israeli Students combating Antisemitism ISCA)
  • Netherlands (Netherlands Public Prosecution Service)
  • South Africa (South African Jewish Board of Deputies)
  • Spain (Lidia Lerner, staff researcher from the Kantor Center - TAU)
  • Switzerland (Schweizerischer Israelitischer Gemeindebund - SIG)
  • Switzerland [Romandy] (Coordination Intercommunitaire Contre l'Antisemitisme et la Discrimination - CICAD)
  • Switzerland (Simon Erlanger)
  •  Venezuela (Confederacion de Asociaciones Israelitas de Venezuela - CAIV)
  • World (UNESCO and OSCE)


For further reports and studies referring to antisemitism and related issues worldwide during 2016-17, please read the Kantor Center and Database Bulletin (which is published every two or three months), and consult our Moshe Kantor Antisemitism Database (which is updated daily).