Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry

Denouncing the Attitude of the Arab and Muslim World's to Israel

In an article published by the Jerusalem Post on September 3rd, 2013, Turkish political and religious commentator and a peace activist, Sinem Tezyapar, called "the Muslim world" to stop accusing the Jews for every failure in the Middle East, arguing that using Israel as the scapegoat of every single evil in the world has become a trend. According to her, this trend is part of traditional Jew-hatred, accompanied by beliefs in conspiracy theories. She also accused the Arab and Muslim countries of educating the public to hate the "other" and wondered what Israel had to do with all the "ignorance, cruelty and […] fanaticism of some Muslims." In response to Tezyapar's harsh criticism, a British Muslim activist, Fiyaz Mughal, condemned Tezyapar in a post on the Google Group forum Hate-Monitoring-net, on September 9th, claiming that her approach to refer to the "Muslim world" as a cohesive entity is in itself stereotypical. Mughal argued that many British Muslims like himself stand against anti-Muslim prejudice and against antisemitism, and claimed that this kind of articles do nothing to help Muslim-Jewish relations.

Sources: The Jerusalem Post, 03-Sep-2013; Hate-Moitor-Net (Google Groups), 09-Sep-2013.