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Belgian Far Right Leader Unveils Anti-Muslim Poster

On February 3, 2012, Filip Dewinter leader of Belgium’s far right Vlaams Belang (VB) released a provocative poster for a political campaign, called “Women against Islamization” (Vrouwen Tegen Islamisering). The poster featured his 19-year-old daughter, wearing a bikini and a burka (traditional Muslim garment), and was accompanied by the caption “Freedom or Islam?” across the girl’s breasts. The words “You choose!” covered her genital area. The campaign, which some claim would arouse Islamophobia, was begun after the Islamic fundamentalist group Shariah4Belgium opened the country's first Sharia (Muslim Law) court, putting it on a collision course with Belgium’s nationalists. The VB maintains that all legal disputes should be settled in the country’s civil judicial system. Ms. Dewinter reported that she had received death threats from Muslim groups.

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