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Al-Qa'ida Plot Targeting Turkish Synagogue Uncovered

Turkish police revealed in April 2013 that they had uncovered an al-Qa‘ida cell in TekirdaÄŸ, which was planning to target, among others,  a synagogue in Balat, the traditional Jewish quarter of Istanbul in Turkey. On April 12, the Salafi-Jihadi website Minbar al-Tawhid Wal-Jihad had discussed whether it is permissible to target synagogues and churches in Europe. Quoting a fatwa by Shaykh Abu Mundhit al-Shinqiti, it asserted that some synagogues and churches "belonging to the enemies of Islam" may be attacked under certain circumstances. However, he concluded that it is preferable to avoid such activities for both religious and tactical reasons.

Sources: Tawhed, 12-Apr-2013; Memri, 15-Apr-2013; Hurriyet DailyNews, 12-Apr-2013